Conference Center


CCR has made available to people for prayer and spiritual revival, a quiet place for the Glory of God.


An evidence-based, unashamedly and purely mainline Christian retreat experience that is focused on encountering the majestic embrace of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

We provide a Christian Retreat Center where life changing decisions for both adults and youths can be made in a wholesome environment, away from the temptations of the world. We serve as a refueling station for Christians by providing clean sleeping and meeting facilities as well as delicious meals to all. We will provide a refreshing retreat experience for all guests who come, and a quiet and safe environment for groups up to 25 people. Mission teams adults, church groups, church staff, choirs, schooling groups, and other Christian groups are all welcome. We require a minimum of 12 participants.


Conference Center offers

Dining Area if Needed

Movie Night, VBS, Women's Program, etc.

our commercial kitchen

Break Out Rooms Upstairs


For those who are already working with missions, ministries, or church organizations in the Eagle Pass /Piedras Negras and Del Rio/Cuidad Acuna areas, we are pleased to provide a safe, comfortable, restful base camp for you to work out of. Many groups working in Mexican side prefer to stay on the U.S. side at night. Having traveled with short-term teams, we, at CCR, understand the relief it is to know you and your belongings are in a safe place. We also know the importance of having a place where you can rest, relax, and rejuvenate during your trip in a peaceful, caring environment with people you know who love God, are there to serve Him, and whose goal it is to help you accomplish the purpose He brought you there for. Not only do you get comfortable accommodations and great food, but a place of sanctuary after a long, hot, tiring day with activities available for your group to relax.

We also know the importance of being flexible. Things almost never go according to schedule, especially on mission trips! We endeavor to flow with your schedule and its unexpected ‘bumps’ along the way. After all, you can’t just say to someone you are in the middle of ministering to, “Ooops, we’re sorry. We have dinner scheduled at 6:00, so we have to leave now”, nor would we expect you to, or getting caught up in long lines at the bridge. So, we pledge to do our best to help you navigate through those issues.

*Planning a mission conference should begin at least two months prior to the date the conference would actually start. A convenient time of year should be chosen: Fall, Winter or Spring, keeping in mind when the majority of people in your congregation would be available to attend