May 2018  
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Housing and Food Information

Housing Information


Cornerstone Children’s Ranch has four bunkhouse apartments available for volunteers. Each apartment has a bathroom, kitchenette and bedroom. Each bedroom can house up to 5-6 people; the kitchenette is equipped with a full-sized fridge, hot plate, and small convection oven.

Prices will not vary on number of people per apartment.



Housing prices


Daily Apartment Fee: $20


Weekly Apartment Fee: $100.00    if you are with a group 

(5-7 day week)


Apartment Reservation Deposit: $20

(Apartment reservation deposit will be deducted from total housing cost)


Food information


Cornerstone Children’s Ranch has 2 food options available. We can provide fully prepared meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or you can provide your own food and use our fully equipped commercial kitchen to prepare your meals.


Food Pricing


Fully Prepared Food Fee Per Person: $10 per person


Fully Prepared Food Deposit Fee: $ 10 per person

(Fully prepared food deposit will be deducted from total cost)


Daily Kitchen Fee for Groups Providing and Preparing Their Own Food: $20


 Kitchen Deposit for Groups Providing and Preparing Their Own Food: $25

(Kitchen Deposit will be deducted from total cost)


Please contact Cornerstone Children’s Ranch to go over food and housing information.  We want to make the housing and food reservation process as stress free and simple as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.


Office Contact Information: (903) 681-5090

Office Hours: Monday- Friday 8:30 am- 12:30pm


Housing reservation forms can be filled out online; please contact us during our office hours to handle all food options (there is not an online form for meal plans or the kitchen use option, it must be handled over the phone). 

RV hook-ups available